• Nikon rangefinder (One, M, S, S2, S3, S3M, S4, SP, SPX)
  • Contax rangefinder (I, II, III, IIa, IIIa)
  • Canon S-11, V, L-1, L-2, L-3, VT, VL, VL2, P or 7, 7s, 7sZ with Canon 50/.95 lens
  • Perhaps a Leotax D IV?
  • Nicca 5L or even a Yashica YF
  • Olympus 35 RD or even an SP
  • Yashica Lynx 14 or 14E(?)
  • Voigtlander Vitessa L and a Vito II
  • Ducati :-)
  • Mamiya rangefinder (35-III, Magazine 35, Elca, wide, Metra, Crown, Auto, Sketch, 35-S, 35-S2, Ruby, M3, SUper Deluxe /with an f1.5 Sekor lens/, Auto Deluxe, Pro Matic or something)
  • RICOH 500 or Jet, 519, 519M (the old one!)
  • Minolta AL-F or Hi-Matic, but most probably a Hi-Matic E (with f1.7)
  • Kodak Ektra (USA)
  • Welta Weltix
  • Plaubel Roll-Op
And the reflex cameras:
  • Duflex
  • Contax S
  • Reflex Korelle